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I have an array of bad habits from music to being an art whore for commissions my own self.  I suppose there are bills too...

So, if you're interested, here's what's offered:

Quick notes:

Every thing you need to know or see is here. Prices and examples are all correct.

All prices are PER Character

If you are interested in a painted commission, be aware that the price listed is a STARTING POINT.   I will add extra for complicated details like elaborate armor, wings, backgrounds, multiple characters, etc. I will discuss this via note.

Painted Commissions

Bianca Reprise by DanHowardArt    Sublevel Reprise by DanHowardArt  :thumb197577410:

**STARTING AT 150$ PER FIGURE WITH NO B/G** Paypal, or via money order


:thumb265454819: :thumb279188264:   Headphone Jenn by DanHowardArt

$60 via Paypal/Money Order.  Full colour, price is PER CHAR.

Black and White Ink

Anita Cards by DanHowardArt Sonja Inks by DanHowardArt ink and cel by DanHowardArt

$35 via Paypal/Money Order.   OPTIONAL Cel shading (greyscale or color) extra 35$   Price is PER CHARACTER

Sketch Commissions

sketchdump by DanHowardArt    Sketch Commish Round up by DanHowardArt   Even More Sketch Commissions by DanHowardArt

$25 via Paypal, or via money order

This is a sketch.  Not a fully rendered , tight lineart picture.    You'll be getting either a 3/4 body or full body.

Fine Print!

-  Payments by mail in the form of money order only  or  via pay pal

- PLEASE mention your D/A name in your pay pal.

-  every price is PER SINGLE CHARACTER.    Extra figures will cost accordingly.  

-  this price is for PERSONAL commissions only.  commercial jobs are a different matter and will be much more         expensive.

-  NOTE ME!!!  serious inquiries only, please.

-  payment required before sketching starts

-  no refunds or buyer's remorse!

-  Nudity is OK, Porn is NOT.  SOME anthro is it by me first.

Hideo Concert:

Check out: for more information


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February 28, 2012


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